3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

Ever since the industrial revolution there has never been such a powerful tool that could take accurate measurements in less time and with such high precision for complex parts and components. The’ limitations of classical measurement methods are measuring natural splines and sudden changes of curvatures in objects, also the time consuming and constant verification effort that are put to ensure that the measurement of each dimension is accurate.

3D scanning produces a mesh of the physical product with only few scans, which could later be used for various applications as mentioned above.

As products become more natural in shape, designing using a CAD software could become extremely challenging or impossible in some situations. Reverse engineering thus provides a solution to such challenges because the physical model is the source of information for the CAD model.

How can we help you? why us? Whether you have a simple object or a naturally complex product to assured that our team is well trained to extract a 3D CAD model for your product that will later be used for other objectives.

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